Design & aesthetics coupled with functionality, form the core of SERENO.

Our products, be it flower pots, large planters, outdoor seating or lamps, transform the simplest of spaces to beautiful environments. Our products enhance spaces be it indoors or outdoors. With their modern yet contemporary designs the overall architecture will have a greater appeal.

Through its product line, Sereno offers myriad ways of experiencing nature & light

Ways, which ask us to stop for a bit, relax, sit, breathe & enjoy the moment. Sereno products are weather resistant, UV stabilized and non-fading. This means they will be a part of your design space for years to come.

Lately our emphasis is to create natural stone texture products using polymer resin by adopting a more responsible and sustainable approach. Use of recycled polymer, recyclability and lowering the carbon footprint in our manufacturing process are the key areas of focus currently. This simply put means – your planter or bench will again be moulded back into a planter of a bench after its service life. Isn’t that simply amazing!

Sereno caters to its Indian & international customers from its manufacturing base at the historical town of Amritsar, Northern India.

I enjoy the journey from conceptualisation to final product and then to see our products in everyday living.

I have always believed that design is everlasting. Materials and technology will change and this helps us evolve. For someone to be sitting on one of our benches or to see a beautiful tree growing in one of our planters are the joys of creativity I live for.

Yuvraj Singh Ahuja


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