Sereno Full Soil fill planters use the full volume of the planter for soil. Specially suited when putting soil directly into the planter for large plants which require depth for their roots. These planters are lightweight yet sturdy enough to take the weight of soil and large plants. Special 100% recyclable polymers are sourced from the world to manufacture these planters. These planters will NOT chip or fade in outdoor conditions. The outer layer is manufactured using textured polymer and the inner layer is Black made from recycled polymer. A small step in ensuring lower footprint of new polymer. This not only provides better insulation during hot and cold conditions but also provides a unique identity to the Sereno product line.


Sereno Half soil planters are the same size from the outside but with half the soil filling capacity. They are made from the same robust 100% recyclable polymer giving you years and years of shelf life. One-piece seamless product with no joints, no pealing of colour, no fading, homogeneous polymer construction and an internal tubing system for water dispensing. Giving you the scale of a large planter but allowing half the potting volume. There are times where you require a large size for grandeur but cannot afford to increase the weight of soil. Half Soil large planters work best in these areas. Areas like terraces, balconies where load-bearing becomes and issue – these planters work best.


Our entire product range uses only LED lighting. Why? Because LED is the most energy-efficient lighting there is. It uses significantly less energy compared to conventional or CFL bulbs and lasts much longer. At Sereno, we are clear in the selection of our accessories – the correct illumination and colour hue of our LED’s, the consistency of the LED drivers and even the quality of our cables. All components, which go towards being a part of our illuminated planters and seating, are assembled in-house under strict quality control parameters. Our LED products are known for their smart innovation, advanced technology, remarkable energy efficiency, and high durability.


Sereno floor lamps pose as theatrical objects standing tall in grandeur. These off White polymer lamps with matt finish bases emit light softly. Made from 100% recyclable polymer, these floor lamps can be placed outdoors or indoors depending upon the model. You have the option to control the dimming effect as each floor lamps is provided with its own RF controller. These floor lamps have won critical design acclaim internationally, latest being the European Product Design Awards in 2019 in the Illumination category. These lamps are a wonderful addition to your patio furniture.


Sereno seating’s are made from 100% recyclable polymer. The non illuminated ones follow our unique two layer manufacturing process. One piece seamless moulded with no joints, these seating are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to sit on. Sereno seating are made from UV stabilised and non fading polymer and good for outdoor weather exposure. Enea bench won the prestigious European Product Design Awards 2017 in the best outdoor furniture category.


How about some BLING on our most awarded planter? Our Chiara range of planters in their metallic options of Gold, Silver and Copper truly stands apart. The base planter is meticulously hand painted in a metal lacquer finish suitable for outdoor use and for further protection a layer of Polyurethane lacquer is applied for longevity. These metal finishes planters spell grandeur wherever they are placed. Chiara metal lacquer planters look stunning as decorative products at areas demanding luxury and opulence. These stunning planters are used as hotel furniture, restaurant furniture or simply as a part of your home decor.