Garden Pots and Planters - Full Soil Fill planters in India


We at Sereno take great pride in moulding our planters with love. We take special emphasis on the right selection of polymer and texture for our planters. In a span of five years we have become one of the most admired and appreciated planter manufacturer from India. Our wide range includes outdoor planters, indoor planters, balcony planters, super large size planters for household and institutional applications. Let Sereno be your preferred and ideal partner in showcasing your favorite greens and flora.


Sereno is known to make sturdy yet lightweight planters. Our wide selection enables you to select the right planter based on your plant requirement. Some planters have large openings where a spread of flora is required, while some have greater depths to cater to deep roots of large plants.


We at Sereno lay great emphasis on the design language of our planters. Though the manufacturing process is automated, It is our endeavor to give our customers a ‘made by hand look’. Horizontal lines on our planters give a unique appeal to our planters. This linear concentric geometry is at the heart of our designs. Our global award-winning planter – Chiara is testament to its hand carved hexagon patterns. Each hexagon in this case is carved individually give the - made by hand look.


Sereno planters are not only durable but also lightweight. The polymer chosen is 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing technique of two layering enables us to reduce the content of new polymer by up to 50% ! All our planters are UV stabilized. This means the polymer will not crack in outdoor conditions till its service life. All colours used are specially blended to offer non fading properties. Sereno planters can withstand harsh sunlight to up to 70 Deg C, freezing temperatures as low as – 15 deg C and thunder storms.


Sereno planters are offered in a variety of stone textures and solid colours. We have mastered the art of making our polymer planters look like stone planters. Different coloured grains in the texture add a certain depth and appeal to the overall texture. Sereno planters are also offered in solid colours to beautify your surroundings.


What is the largest size you manufacture?

We have our ELOISA and ELENA models with 60 inches or 1.5 meters in height.

How do you move large outdoor planters?

The best way is to remove the soil and plant and then move. If this is not possible then in certain designs, tying a nylon belt and lifting the planter with a crane is the best option. Great care needs to be taken so as not to cause injury to any person, planter or plant.

Can you plant trees in large planters?

Yes, absolutely. You will need to select the SW series of planters as this allows you full soil volume. You must select the planter size as per the plant you want to grow and the size of the roots. We have installations of Ficus Benjamina growing up to 15 feet tall.

What are the best materials for large planters?

Our planters are made using the super strong polymers which can withstand the weather conditions for years.

How do I arrange multiple plants in large planter?

One way to do this is select your main plant will be directly potted in the sereno planter. You may use small 8” or 10” pots with seasonal greens or flowers to decorate the top of the soil. You also have the option to directly grown your plants in multiple arrangements directly using soil, coco peat, potting mix etc.

Where can you buy large planters?

You can buy them from our website directly or connect with our sales representatives to assist you.

What are the best plants for outdoor planters?

This is entirely customer’s choice. From herbs to greens to flowers to large plants, you can grow anything. General criteria of selection would be weather conditions, placement of planters – under shade or exposed to sunlight, amount of sunlight the plant would be exposed to, rain etc.