There is a magical seed shrouded in legend, known as Entada Gigas. The seeds of this pan tropic species are one nature’s largest vines and its fruit are the world’s longest legumes. A tough woody cord connects these giant beans with many seed compartments. These pods hold seeds that are packed with life, hold promises of the future and memories of the past. Our lighted Seme is inspired from this magnificent giant seed. Giving a feeling of climbing the skies gracefully and glowing with a quiet energy. It diffuses a soft ambient light that brings life to your interiors and exteriors. Available in floor or ceiling mounting options this 2.2 meter tall lamp is a visual sculpture in its own right. Seme was also received an honorable mention is the 2013-14 SPE-USA design awards.


SIZES (cm)



Translucent White
Translucent White