Sketch planters


Sereno outdoor planters are strong, sturdy, lightweight and can be placed in the outdoors without the worry of polymer chipping, colour fading or planter cracking. All our planters are manufactured on state of art automatic machines using polymer blends which are engineered to meet all the criteria of UV stability and non-fading of colour.


At Sereno we make the largest planters in the country with diameter and height up to 60 inches or approx. 1.5 meters. These planters with their full depth soil holding capacity can be used to grow large plants / smaller tress with ease. Our large outdoor planters will transform your landscape overnight. Sereno large outdoor planters are an excellent focal point for landscaping.


At Sereno we cater to a huge range of medium sized outdoor planters. With their modern urban aesthetic designs these planters can be placed on a variety of surfaces like tiles, cement flooring, wooden decks, artificial turfs etc. Made from high quality 100% recyclable polymer, these planters will add to the beauty to your environment.


Our small outdoor planters are extremely lightweight but very sturdy and resemble handmade pottery. These low height planters blend easily with many types of décor. You can place them on decks, balconies, entrances etc. These will not chip or fade in sunlight and offer you years and years of service life. Grow your favorite herbs, veggies, flowers or plants. All planters have a provision of drainage cap at the bottom.



Though Sereno outdoor planters are made on automatic machines, they resemble handmade pottery. It is our endeavor to give our customers a 'made by hand look'. Horizontal lines on our planters give a unique appeal to our planters. This linear concentric geometry is at the heart of our designs and distinguishes us.


Sereno planters are extremely durable and made from 100% recyclable polymer. Sereno planters can withstand extreme temperatures from +70 Deg C to freezing temperatures as low as – 15 deg C. Rain has no effect on the material of construction. All planters are UV stabilized and made from non-fading colours.


At Sereno we have mastered the art of making our polymer planters look like stone planters. All planters have a provision of a drainage hole with a cap at the bottom. Different coloured grains in the texture along with our unique design of concentric rings, add a certain depth and appeal to the overall texture.


Do Large outdoor planters come in self watering variations?

No - as large outdoor planters are subjected to rainfall; these are not offered in self-watering options.

How do you move large outdoor planters?

The best way is to remove the soil and plant and then move. If this is not possible then in certain designs, tying a nylon belt and lifting the planter with a crane is the best option. Great care needs to be taken so as not to cause injury to any person, planter or plant.

Can you plant trees in large planters?

Yes, absolutely. You will need to select the SW series of planters as this allows you full soil volume. You must select the planter size as per the plant you want to grow and the size of the roots. We have installations of Ficus Benjamina growing up to 15 feet tall.

What is the life expectancy of outdoor planters?

Our planters are made using the super strong polymers which can withstand the weather conditions for years. These should service you easily for over 10 years.

Can I grow multiple plant arrangements in your planters?

Yes, absolutely.

Where can you buy large outdoor planters?

You can buy them from our website directly or connect with our sales representatives to assist you. Please use the contact us from on our website for the same.

Do we need to drill drainage holes in the planters?

All planters come with predrilled drainage holes with a provision of a rubber cap. Remove the rubber cap if you are potting directly into the planter.

What kind of soil is recommended for your planters?

We advice our customers to use a mix a lightweight soil, potting mix, coco peat etc. For our Large planters, you will need to add up to 50% soil if you plan to grow small trees. A 3 to 4 inch of gravel as the bottom most layer also help is draining out the water and preventing the soil being flushed out.