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Sereno light weight planters are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. Our twin layer manufacturing technique enables us to use up to 50% reclaimed polymer to make our beautiful pots. This in no way compromises the structural integrity of the planters and at the same time enables us to use less of new polymer thereby reducing its footprint. Sereno planters are much lighter than cement, wood, steel and even clay planters and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Made from special polymer resins Sereno planters are extremely lightweight and exhibit great strength in holding soil. These lightweight planters can be moved around with ease. Sereno planters remains the leading manufacturer for extra-large lightweight planters. Our unique resin-based blend and production process produces high quality, long lasting, durable and lightweight planters unlike anything else on the market.

Other benefits to our planters include:

  1. 1). Resistance to stains due to its non-porous shell
  2. 2). Impervious to elements – water does not get in and this eliminates freezing / thawing of the polymer walls.
  3. 3). Lightweight enables the customer to use these at locations like terrace gardens, roof tops, decking areas where other material like cement, wood, clay, steel etc become heavy and add more weight.
  4. 4). Rich stone texture finish but made from lightweight polymer resin.


    At Sereno we manufacture different styles like classic, modern and contemporary. Customers get to choose from our wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to complement their fauna.


    Sereno planters are made from 100% recyclable polymer and are extremely durable. Polymer selection enables to make lightweight planters which can withstand extreme temperatures from +70 Deg C to freezing temperatures as low as – 15 deg C. Rain has no effect on the material of construction. All planters are UV stabilized and made from non-fading colours. Lightweight material does not compromise on the strength and life expectancy.


    Sereno lightweight planters come in several finishes of granite look or solid colours. Stone finishes in particular resemble the actual look of stone planters but the lightness of polymer weight. Sereno planters have their unique signature look of concentric linear patterns which further enhance the play of light and shadow on the surface and give the product a "made by hand" look.


    What are the weights of the planters?

    Our planters weight ranges from 600 gms to up to 80 kgs.

    Does lightweight compromise on the durability of the planter?

    No. We use engineered polymer resin to achieve reduction in weight. These polymers are strong and do not compromise on the service life of the product.

    Can we grow big plants in these lightweight planters?

    Yes, absolutely. We have installations of trees up to 15 feet or nearly 5 meters tall. The criteria of selection would be the depth for roots required.

    What kind of soil to use? Can we pot directly?

    We recommend using a mix of potting soil, lightweight soil, cocopeat, perlite, compost etc. The ratio of mix will depend upon the plant.

    Do the planters come with a bottom tray?

    No, currently we do not offer trays for our planters. You can use our planters as an external pot and use standard internal pots inside to grow your plants too.

    Where can we buy lightweight planters?

    You can buy them from our website directly or connect with our sales representatives to assist you. Please use the contact us from on our website for the same.

    Do we need to drill drainage holes in the planters?

    Sereno lightweight planters come with predrilled drainage holes with a provision of a rubber cap. Remove the rubber cap if you are potting directly into the planter and placing outdoors or close it if you are using standard inner pots and placing indoors.