Sereno floor lamps pose as theatrical objects standing tall in grandeur. These off White polymer lamps with matt finish bases emit light softly. Made from 100% recyclable polymer, these floor lamps can be placed outdoors or indoors depending upon the model. You have the option to control the dimming effect as each floor lamps is provided with its own RF controller. Sereno floor lamps have won critical design acclaim internationally, latest being the 2019 European Product Design Award in the Illumination category. These lamps are a wonderful addition to your spaces and will brighten up the surroundings.


Elegant and refined, contemporary and minimalist – Sereno floor lamps are available in four designs. The grace of these lamps is conveyed as much from their shape as from their subtle lighting. It would be appropriate to say that Sereno floor lamps create a fairy tale like atmosphere where they are placed. Seme lamp is an indoor floor lamp where as Esagono, Triangalo and Ovale can be placed outdoors as well as indoors.


Illuminate your home with the best lighting solutions from our Floor Lamps collection. Our range currently comes in tall sizes of nearly 2 meters and designs that can either create a warm, cosy setting or a very bright one. Some of our lamps can do both, thanks to their dimmable feature. You can switch the lamp on or off with remote and you can even adjust its brightness and tone from cool White to Warm White. All lamps use LED energy saving lighting options.


The lamp shell is built from 100% recyclable Polyethylene (PE) and the bases are either in metal powder coated or fibre glass shell in case of Seme lamp.


The lamp body is matt texture polymer and the bases are matt texture powder coated.


Can we place the lamp outdoors?

Our three lamps - Esagono, Triangolo and Ovale can be placed outdoors. It is recommended to bolt them to the floor in case of permanent installations where chances of winds are high – like roof top terraces.

Where can I place the lamps?

Floor lamps can be positioned in the corner of the room, behind seating or used as a sculpture piece to highlight an area.

What is the power rating of the lamps?

Lamps run on standard 220V, 6 Amp and approx. 27 watts.

Can we dim the brightness of these lamps?

Yes, depending upon the model you can dim the brightness and switch the colour tone between cool White and warm White.

What is the warranty on the lamps?

All our lamps are backed by standard 1 year of manufacturing defect warranty.

Is the lamp body weather resistant?

The lamp shell is UV protected. Gradual weathering effect in terms of colour will take place. The bases are powder costed.

Will the lamp come assembled?

The lamps comes semi assembled with all LEDs. The customer needs to assemble the base to the main body. Each lamp packaging box contains the assembly instructions and is every easy to do.

Can we adjust the height of the lamps?

No, the heights are fixed as per the models. Our lamps are around 2 meters or 6.5 feet tall.