Sketch planters


Bring some greenery indoors with Sereno’s range of versatile hand textured polymer resin indoor planters. Keeping plants indoors can purify the air and also brighten up your living spaces. Add style to your interior spaces by choosing from a wide variety of indoor pots. Place these beautiful planters in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, balconies etc. Snake plant, also known commonly as the mother-in-law’s tongue or Sansevieria is a great indoor plant. If simplicity is what you are looking for, Bello and Sereno embossed cachepot planters will be the perfect addition for your living/workspace. These simple and elegant designs will really make your plants and flowers shine!


Sereno caters to wide range of large indoor planters which are used to beautify your indoor living spaces. Our range of Chiara slim line series is an award-winning planter for its unique hand-crafted hexagon design. These slim line tall planters sit very well in corners. These look elegant when paired in different height clusters. We advise to use an inner container pot within our elegant planters when placing them indoors. This helps in quickly taking out the inner plant and servicing the planter. Our LED planters look stunning in the indoors and add a sense of diffused lightning to your spaces.


Our medium height indoor planters are elegant and offer a huge selection range. Grow your favorite plants without the worry of rusting, peeling, cracking of the pots. Elevate your indoor spaces by using our lightweight polymer resin pots which offer the look of stone and concrete while remaining far easier to move around. Grow your houseplants in more ways than one.


Sereno and Bello range of small indoor planters are offered in modern and contemporary designs. Place these beautiful small indoor pots in your halls, foyer, bedroom or living room and fill them with your favorite plants. These planters are very easy to maintain and come predrilled with a drainage plug. Put inside a container pot with your plant and use our planters as an outer elegant vase. This way you can quickly replace the inner pots and plant with new fresh flowerings.



All indoor planters and pots are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. These are extremely lightweight yet elegant and sturdy.


Sereno lightweight planters come in several finishes of granite look or solid colours. Sereno planters have their unique signature look of concentric linear patterns which further enhance the play of light and shadow on the surface and give the product a “made by hand” look


Do the indoor planters have drainage hole?

Yes all planters have a provision of drainage cap. You can open / close the cap based on your potting requirement.

What the most common indoor plants for air purification?

Some of the common indoor plants for air purification are:

  • Devil’s Ivy or Pothos
  • Spider plant
  • Areca Palms
  • Snake plant / Mother-in-laws tongue
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lady Palm

How to choose indoor plants?

Criteria include the amount of sunlight and temperature required and the purpose. Some plants fare well in warmer rooms and some in cooler rooms.

Can we pot directly?

We recommend using an inner pot to plant and using out planters as a decorative outer shell for indoor use. Keep the drainage hole cap on so that all the spill of watering is contained in the outer pot.

Do the planters come with a bottom tray?

No, currently we do not offer trays for our planters. You can use our planters as an external pot and use standard internal pots inside to grow your plants too.

Can real plants be placed in another pot and placed inside your planters?

Yes, this is an ideal way to use our pots as a decorative outer shell. The drain of the inner pot will be open and the drain plug of the Sereno / Bello pot will be closed.

Can these planters be used outdoors too?

Yes, all Sereno and Bello planters are UV stabilized and made from non-fading colours. Our planters can be used indoor or outdoor without any worry of chipping, colour fading or cracking of the material.

Are the planters breakable?

Our planters are made from engineered polymer resin which is resistant to easy breaking. Unlike ceramic, clay pots which can break easily, our planters can take a good impact due to the material of construction.