Full Soil Fill Planters

Full Soil Fill planters in India


Sereno planters are lightweight yet sturdy enough to take the weight of soil and large plants. Special 100% recyclable polymers are sourced from the world over to manufacture these large planters. One-piece seamless product, no joints, no peeling, no fading & homogenous construction makes Sereno the ideal home for your plants. These garden pots add aesthetics to your surroundings. Sereno Full soil planters offer you the advantage of consuming the full volume of the planter for growing your plants.

These planters are extremely effective while potting of large plants, trees etc. which require depth for their roots. The full soil planters are manufactured using a unique TWO – LAYER manufacturing process. The outer layer is manufactured using textured polymer and the inner layer is Black. This not only provides better insulation during hot and cold conditions but also provides a unique identity to the Sereno product line.