Take a breath of fresh air by choosing best plants for your home indoors

Are you looking to brighten up your indoors? Why not choose to take a breath of fresh air by growing indoor plants or houseplants that make your space more inviting, and even improve your mental health. A large number of people choose to grow indoor plants and many end up losing them very soon due to lack of care towards the plants. There is one simple rule: make your plants as comfortable in your home as they would be in their natural habitat.

Now here I will tell you some of the plants for your home and indoors and how to look after them.

African Violet

African Violet Also known as Saintpaulia, the African Violet has flowers throughout the year and doesn't consume much space of your home. Choose a decorative planter for it and see how it prospers. Today, there are lots of planters available in the market and it won't be difficult for you to choose the one that matches your d├ęcor best. And don't forget to keep moist by placing the plant on a tray of pebbles or mist it often.

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Peace and serenity amidst nature is what mankind has felt one with and craved for, since ages. The quest for this peace continues in modern times, even more ardently, as we seek tranquility and harmony after a long day of struggling with the vagaries of modern day life. Yuvraj Singh Ahuja always dreamt of designing products that would change the ambience of a place dramatically. His ardent passion to do something close to his heart gave birth to Sereno.

Yuvraj is quite enthusiastic about his brand that has already seen success since its inception three years ago. With an impeccable line of illuminated planters and seating, Sereno has really made a statement and has been successful in offering ways to experience the calming effect of nature and light indoors.

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