Sketch planters


At Sereno we manufacture planters up to 1.5 meters tall or nearly 5 feet in height. Depending upon what you want to grow you can choose from several designs on offer. Our biggest planter in terms of shear soil volume is the Eloisa 150 which can accommodate small trees with ease. Use these tall planters to instantaneously transform your exterior spaces to add bold statements in terms of height and visual weight. Our slim tall planters paired in different height clusters can help beautify entrances and interiors too.



All tall planters and pots are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. These are extremely lightweight yet elegant and sturdy. These planters are UV protected and can be placed outdoors and well as indoors.


Sereno specializes in stone textures for it polyresin planters. We purposefully want to achieve a ‘made by hand’ texture therefore our designs are carefully crafted keeping this in mind.


What is the tallest planter you manufacture?

The tallest planters are 1.5 meters or nearly 5 feet in height.

Can you manufacture taller than 1.5 meters?

Yes we can. We can go up to 2.2 meters in height should there be a requirement.

Do your tall planters also have LED lights?

Yes our tall planters can be offered in various options of LED lights. Inbuilt LED which illuminates the planter or provision of up light built in where in you want to highlight the plant. We can also provide LED light highlighting the floor space on some of our Eloisa models.

Is it single wall moulded or double wall moulded?

We have both options in our Sereno range. Single walled are full volume planters. In double walled option the soil capacity reduces to nearly 50%. This is required when you want to place large planters on roof top terraces or balconies.

Can tall planters be placed at the entrances?

Yes, in fact tall planters look very elegant highlighting the entrances. You can look at metallic finishes of our Chiara Slim series or regular colours of Black or White.

What is the warranty of LED lights in your planters?

All our planters come with standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. We assemble all LED lights inhouse and these need to pass rigorous testing before being installed into the planters.