Sketch planters


Sereno square planters are stylish and protective home for your plants. From simple shapes to modern and contemporary designs. These planters can be placed indoors or outdoors. You will find your ideal planter to suit your landscape / architectural settings in these versatile planters. All square planters from Sereno and Bello are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. Our square planters give an appeal of “made by hand” along with a realistic look of stone planters.


Sereno large square planters blend seamlessly into modern, minimalist and traditional décor. Sereno These large square planters make a bold statement and add height and visual weight to architectural spaces. It’s a stylish way to add visual impact on your decks, driveways, porch, entry ways etc. Stone finishes and matt textures make these pots to really stand out. All planters are UV stabilized and can be placed outdoors without the worry of colour fading or material cracking or chipping. Our Orabella series of planters particularly look stunning with bonsai ficus.


The timeless appearance and high quality of these planters means that they will last for years. Made from lightweight yet durable 100% recyclable polymer resin. Sereno square planters are fade resistant and maintains a beautiful finish for years to come. Simple yet elegant classic shaped square planters with rounded edges add style to your surroundings. All planters come with predrilled drainage holes with rubber plugs. You have a choice to use them as outdoor pots or indoor pots.


These planters can be placed indoors or outdoors. Sereno and Bello range of small square planters are made from lightweight polymer resin. These planters are perfect accent piece to your patio, porch, driveway, terrace or indoor living space. These square textured pots are easy to move and require literally no maintenance. Our signature design of concentric lines adds a third dimension of play of light on the surfaces of these planters.



All square planters and pots are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. These are extremely lightweight yet elegant and sturdy. These are UV stabilized and can bear the elements of the outdoors.


Sereno and Bello lightweight planters come in several finishes of granite look or solid colours. These planters have their unique signature look of concentric linear patterns which further enhance the play of light and shadow on the surface and give the product a “made by hand” look. Our planters give a feeling as it they are actually made from stone.


What is the material of construction?

Our planters are made from engineered Polyethylene providing excellent UV stability, strength, durability at the same time being extremely lightweight.

Is the planter weather resistant and UV protected?

Yes, all our planters are weather resistant and made from UV stabilized polymer. This means our planters will not crack, chip or fade in outdoors.

Can the planters be used to plant small trees?

The size of our larger square planters like the Orabella 65 SW can be used for planting small trees. Please do choose the plant as per the size of the roots growth and compare it with the size / volume of our planters.

Is it single wall moulded or double wall moulded?

We have both options in our Sereno range. Single walled are full volume planters. In double walled option the soil capacity reduces to nearly 50%. This is required when you want to place large planters on roof top terraces or balconies.

Do we need to drill holes in the planters ourselves?

No, every planter comes with predrilled holes with rubber caps. Depending upon the installation criteria you can open the cap or keep it closed.

Do your planters come in glossy or matt finish?

All our planters come in the matt finish. The textures of stone finishes and concentric lines add to the design philosophy of our planters.

Will these planters ever rust or chip?

No, since the planters are made of UV stabilized polymer resin they will not chip or rust.