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Sede (say-day)

Sede is the result of design and development of over a year – our mission: to design a versatile, 100% recyclable, ergonomic stool. Sede is light weight yet it’s one-piece construction allows it to be the resistant to wear and tear of regular use.

Sede is easy to move around and comfortable to sit on for long periods of activity be it indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for children, teenagers or adults to sit on. Sede is an ideal complement to modern décor. Sede stools are UV resistant and made from non fading colours. This means these can be used as picnic stools, as balcony seating, terrace garden seating without the worry of cracking, chipping or colour bleeding. Sede is a great stool to be used in children’s room as well.  Sede look stunning in its stone textures and is a visual delight as an indoor stool as well as an outdoor stool.




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