Sketch planters


Sereno round planters offer a stylish and protective home for your plants, whether placed indoors or outdoors. From simple shapes to modern and contemporary designs, you will find your ideal planter to suit your landscape / architectural setting. These versatile round planters can accommodate a wide variety of plants and are your ideal partners for potting of small greens to low height trees. Round planters from Sereno and Bello are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. We also use a special technique of two layering wherein we use up to 50% reclaimed polymer for manufacturing of our planters. This helps us in greatly reducing the footprint of new polymer being used.


Sereno large round planters make a bold statement and add height and visual weight to architectural spaces. These large round planters blend seamlessly into modern, minimalist and traditional décor. It’s a stylish way to add visual impact on your decks, driveways, porch, entry ways etc. Stone finishes and matt textures make these pots to really stand out. All planters are UV stabilized and can be placed outdoors without the worry of colour fading or material cracking or chipping.


Made from lightweight yet durable 100% recyclable polymer resin. Sereno round planters are fade resistant and maintains a beautiful finish for years to come. All planters come with predrilled drainage holes with rubber plugs. Simple yet elegant classic shaped round planters add style to your surroundings. The timeless appearance and high quality of these planters means that they will last for years.


Sereno and Bello range of small round planters are made from lightweight polymer resin. These planters can be placed indoors or outdoors. These planters are perfect accent piece to your patio, porch, driveway, terrace or indoor living space. These round textured pots are easy to move and require literally no maintenance.



All round planters and pots are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. These are extremely lightweight yet elegant and sturdy. These will not rust, crack or chip.


We specialize in providing a ‘made by hand’ look to our planters. Our stone textures are not only unique but give the feel as if the planters are actually made of stone.


What is the warranty on the planters?

It’s a worry-free purchase for you. All planters have a standard one year manufacturing warranty policy. Service life of planters can easily exceed 10 years.

Will the planters crack after some time in outdoors?

No, all our planters are made from UV stabilized resin. This means that the harmful UV rays from the sun will not impact the service life of the planters.

What is the weight of the Large round planters?

The weight generally ranges from 20-50 kilograms depending upon the design and weight. Sereno planters are extremely lightweight compared to same size in clay, terracotta or concrete.

Can we pot directly?

For planter placed in the outdoor with large plants its advisable to pot directly. Use a mixture of lightweight soil, cocopeat, perlite, compost etc. The bottom layer of up to 100 cm can be filled with gravel to give additional weight. Ensure the drainage plugs are open when placed outdoors.

Can real plants be placed in another pot and placed inside your planters?

Yes, this is an ideal way to use our pots as a decorative outer shell. The drain of the inner pot will be open and the drain plug of the Sereno / Bello pot will be closed. This is recommended when you want to place the Sereno or Bello pots indoors.

What is the effect of rain on these planters?

Since these planters are made from polymer resin, rain has no effect on the material of construction.

I stay at very cold climates. Can these pots be used at – 5 deg C temperatures?

Yes, our planters can be used from -15 Deg C to + 70 Deg C. These planters are frost resistant for colder climates.

Do you install the planters on site?

No, our scope is supply only. Installation and planting is in the customer’s scope.