Enea (L 147 X W 38 X H 40 cm), Siclian Grey Stone

Enea (L 147 X W 38 X H 40 cm), Siclian Grey Stone

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Enea (L 147 X W 38 X H 40 cm), Siclian Grey Stone

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  • Brand: Sereno
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Size Chart


  • Length 147 cm
  • Width 38 cm
  • Height 40 cm

Lightweight  bench for casual seating. Use Cara in your garden, lawns, terrace gardens, balconies,  decks, patios, pool side etc. Very easy to clean and maintain and look stunning in stone textures.

• Unique polymer blend

• L: 147 cm; W: 38 cm; H: 40 cm

• 100% Recyclable

• Lightweight beautiful stone textures

• UV Stabilised & Non Fading colours

• Outdoor or indoor use

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Enea was awarded Platinum during the 2017 European Product Design Awards for best outdoor furniture.

Inspired from the Chinese philosophy of the Yin & Yang, where apparently contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. Shadow cannot exist without light and the good cannot exist without the bad. The yin-yang shows a balance between two opposites with a part of the opposite element embedded in each other. This beautiful crafted bench can be seen holding these elements perfectly within itself.

Don't let the light weight of the bench fool you. These plastic benches are rock solid in built quality. Made using our unique twin layer manufacturing process, these benches can easily seat two adults. These benches are ideal for high traffic areas of commercial areas. You can also increase the weight by adding ballast like sand or soil – simply open the cap at the bottom to increase the weight. Enea is perfect as street furniture, garden bench, terrace furniture, poolside furniture or homedecor.



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