Sketch planters


At Sereno we manufacture low height planters as low as 25 cm or 10 inches. We offer them in rectangular or bowl shapes. Our bowl shape planters are extremely popular as small lotus ponds and for creating small fountains. Usually used as a set or individually they would be great as an outdoor centerpiece or a focal point on your coffee table. Our low height rectangular planters are great for placing them in balconies or windowsill. Our planters are frost resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 65 Deg C.



All low height planters and pots are made from engineered polymer resin which is 100% recyclable. These are extremely lightweight yet elegant and sturdy. These planters are UV protected and can be placed outdoors and well as indoors. Our 30 years experience in the moulding industry equips us with the knowledge to manufacture planters which will last for years to come.


Our unique design patterns of concentric rings gives a distinctive look to our planters. Coupled this with the mastery of stone effect, we are able to provide very elegant finishes of our planters. Sereno specializes in stone textures for its polymer resin planters. These remain look worthy for years and are easy to clean and maintain.


What is the largest diameter of your low height bowl shape planter?

The largest size has a diameter of 60 inches or nearly 1.5 meters with a height of 22 inches or 56 cm.

Do you provide drainage holes in low height planters?

Yes all our planters come predrilled with drainage holes. They also come with rubber cap should you want to block the hole.

Do your low height planters also have LED lights?

Yes our bowl shaped planters can be offered in various options of LED lights. Inbuilt LED which illuminates the planter or provision of up light built in where in you want to highlight the plant or the fountain.

Will the low height planters look good narrow balconies?

Yes, our Bello RT series of low height rectangular planters are slim and fit well in smaller balconies or window sills.

Can we pot directly into these planters?

Yes, you can. Use a mix of lightweight soil, perlite, cocopeat. Cocopeat is fluffy and absorbs water well thereby providing good aeration and water to the roots.

Do the planters come with a bottom tray?

No, currently we do not offer bottom trays for our planters. You can use our planters as an external pot and use standard internal pots inside to grow your plants too. We also provide risers for our planters to lift them up slightly from the floor.