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Sereno manufactures seats and benches which can be used as garden furniture, poolside furniture, deck furniture or patio furniture. Its time to give your outdoors the same love as your interiors. Our Enea bench was awarded Platinum in the best outdoor furniture category during the 2017 edition of the European Product Design Awards at Brussels. Our Piero seating, which look like carved rocks look gorgeous with their casual placements. You have a party in your backyard, terrace or lawns, just place our seats and benches to create amazing casual conversation points.



All Sereno furniture is built tuff to handle day to day abuse. Our furniture range in totally UV protected. This means it will not chip or crack in sunlight. We use only non-fading colours in our products. All our furniture is made from 100% recyclable polymer resin. With our twin layer manufacturing technique we are able to use reclaimed polymer up to 50% without compromising the strength and durability of our furniture and also reducing the new polymer footprint.


The surface texture of our garden furniture is matt. The products give a sand blasted coarse feel and are comfortable to sit and easy to clean. Stone textures are extremely pleasing to the eye and they look like stone sculptures when placed in your settings. You have an option to increase the weight ballast of the furniture by adding soil or sand into them. This provision is provided in all non-LED furniture. Another option is our LED range of Pieros (rocks) which are internally illuminated and look gorgeous at night.