Upgrade your Home Space with Sereno

Sereno is here to make you fall in love with your home again and again. We offer products from small to large planters, from seating to decorative lamps; we provide everything that can make your house beautiful. The main motive behind our products is to bring peace to the eyes through their product line. The breath taking designs used for everyday use are functional as well as beautiful. The products are visually so soothing that will help you to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty. Sereno offers indoor as well as lifestyle products that add a natural touch to any space. The products are available in all shapes and sizes keeping in mind your space and needs.

Our products, be it flower pots, large designer planters, lamps, outdoor seating arrangements, helps to transform any kind of area into a beautiful space. With their modern yet simple designs add a great appealing essence to the overall architecture. If you want to invest in something long term, you should definitely go for Sereno. It is not only water resistant, but also UV protected and rust protected making us suitable for all kinds of climates. The main emphasis is to create a natural texture to our products with the help of polymer resin through a responsible and an environment friendly approach. After the service life is over, the planter or seating are again molded back into a planter or seating proving our products to be 100% recyclable. The products are created with high grade quality which helps them to last for 10-15 years or longer.

The manufacturing industry is located in Amritsar, India. Even though the base is in India, it not only caters to its Indian customers but also has International customers under its belt. We offer one of the largest collections of planters India.

Whether you are an individual renting a space or owning your own house, everyone wants a beautiful and an appealing room. Bring out the interior designer side in you with the help of our artistic and aesthetic line of products. Decorating your home won’t be a difficult task anymore because we feel our products can make any space look aesthetically appealing. If you are someone who is looking for a change in their interior or outdoor, refresh your space with the help of our modern yet classy product line. The products create an eye-catching aura which can last longer in your minds as well as in your homes. Sounds amazing right?

Looks is not our only concern, we are also working to manufacture our products in such a way that it doesn’t harm our environment and our future generations. Let’s join hands together to make the world a better and beautiful place for us as well as for our future generations.

Get Variety of Popular and Sought-After Planters

Well, you can say a big thanks to variety of shapes and size that your most popular planters are available in and they are continuing to please your surroundings. Various planters are now being used in commercial, industrial and residential projects. The large assortments of Planters India are now available with an overwhelming selection for everyone who wants to redecorate their space this Diwali. It is important that before you choose the colour and style of the planter, you first consider the placement of these planters.

Influence Your Décor with Right Style and Size
It is important that you choose the right planter manufacturer who uses good quality of material and later you can check the size and colour. From with pedestal too high and low to without pedestal, you need to prepare and need to figure out the way that how you can take advantage of your space as much as you can. If you want to cheer up your space, then you must free up your space.

Many companies create beautiful planters in collaboration with many designers who are luxurious type and less expensive as well. If you are choosing the pair, then you must consider buying them in combination so that the planters can complement each other. It also depends on the area that you reside in. if it is a cooler and windy environment then you should choose concrete or cast stone planter.

Choosing Right Planters to Build Ideal World
When selecting planter manufacturer, you need to see which quality of material, colour etc. are used and whether there will be an additional cost. You need to see which planters can withstand the strong winds, hot and cold temperature etc. You can visit http://www.sereno.co.in and get more information about Planters India. You can go for plastic pots as well as they are long-lasting, lightweight and can come in versatile shape and size.

If you need to express your creativity then you have to go for the planters which are opportunistic and relatively at a very low cost, you can highlight the area with pretty plants.

Choosing the Right Designer Pots and Planters for Decorating Your Space

A plant galore can be a better way to lit things up which have lost their charm or turned into a boring space. There is nothing better than this that can satiate the emptiness of the space in your home and you can add a refreshing aesthetic guise to your home décor once again. You can get more ideas from Planters India for your house, terrace, and lawn.

You can indulge in home décor ideas and can contribute to a crucial step where you need to choose best pots and planters. People are now spending their free time by getting engaged in trending green décor ideas for both indoor and outdoor space. It is important that you work on some details that require consideration and then embark your artistic indulgence.

You don’t have to limit your vision and imagination when it comes home décor. You need to look for the pots and planters which are eclectic and unique. They must add a charm to your home décor and brings out the best of your space. Potters have a different type of flower pots that can be added in every walks of flower life and they are capable of lighting a fire of an inspirational space.

Choose Right Pots for Your Interiors
You can look for designer pots which are available in appropriate size and style and would be best for your space. Sometimes, seeing the artistic creativity of the pots, you may end up buying more than you need because they look so beautiful and irresistible. It is time for you to take pleasure in the remuneration of the green trend that you are trying to follow in your own aesthetic sense.

You can visit http://www.sereno.co.in and get more information about Planters India.

Most primarily, you need to look for a space in your home where you can place your designer pots. Some of the pots have cluster of bright colors and can be a statement piece in itself. You need to be careful with them as they can interfere with your interiors. The purpose and functionality of the pots must not overpower, and they just add the right balance to your space.

Get the Best and Authentic Decorative Planters in India

Sereno is one of the most developed and popular sellers and manufacturers of illuminating decorative planters in India. They produce 100% authentic products, which can outshine any of the occasions in indoor and outdoor as well. They add an additional glow and illumination to the entire area with their unique pots and planters. These planters can be potted inside the pot through the drainage cap at the bottom of it or can even be planted directly into the soil. These decorative planters of India has been awarded European product design award in 2019 and is a silver winner. They produce different types, sizes, colors, shapes, and varieties of planters as well. These pots and planters can suit various ambiance and occasions. They also produce seating, lamps, full soil fill planters, and half soil fill planters. These seaters are LED infused from inside and they can be placed at different places in the house such as courtyard, terraces, gardens, lawns, poolside or even indoors. You can just sit on these LED seaters very comfortably and enjoy your cup of coffee!

A brief information about Sereno
Sereno is situated in New Delhi, India. The company has done many projects, which have become a mass success as well. They provide privacy policies, where the client can withdraw the consignment at any time if there is an issue with the user agreement. The price of different decorative planters varies accordingly. You can even get the decorative planters customized according to your own needs. These planters are available in two types of finishes, namely solid finish, and granite finish. Both of these finishes comprise of different colors.

It is indeed a wise decision to incorporate the decorative planters to your homes and surrounding areas in order to give a beautiful look to the areas. So, decorate your surroundings with the help of decorative planters available with Sereno.

How Can Designer Planters Change the Look And Feel?

There is not a single person who does not have a love for nature. With planting at home, we can bring nature close to us. People dream of having a big yard and a lot of pots and planters at their home. Plants not only make the environment green but also gives the fresh look to the home. These are a lot of sizes available online when it comes to buying plants, pots, and planters. The interior designers nowadays make special arrangements for the plating at home, because of modern designs available online. Designer planters are available both for indoor and outdoor plants. These plants are valuable in various size and designs. You can choose the design and size as per the requirement. Before buying the planters, it is best to check the plant gets perfectly fit in the planters properly. Big pants need a bigger space to grow. Thus, for big plants, bigger pots are required. The drainage below the planters also plays an important role in the growth of the plant.
What all varieties of planters are available online?
There are different varieties of planters available online such as full soil fill plants, half soil fill planters, LED planters, planters with metallic finish, etc. These planters are made up of different materials such as concrete, clay, metal, and recycled plastics.

 How Sereno helps you getting close to nature?

At Sereno, you will get a huge variety of planters. These designer planters are created and designed by our own tam and have been manufactured using hand-picked recyclable polymers. With our endless variety of planters on our website, you can choose the planters according to your budget. All kinds of sizes are available to us. We guarantee no joints, pealing and fading in our planters. We have been in this industry from quite a long time now and have won many awards because of our uniqueness in design. We have finished work with many big projects in Delhi, Pune, Goa, and Amritsar. Our products are not only eye-catching but also long-lasting in nature. We have almost all type of products for daily use that can change the look and feel of your home both indoor and outdoor. All the planters available with us are water-resistant, making the planters safe for any kind of plant.

Products of everyday use, enriching lifestyles, removing boundaries between indoors and outdoors, objects that we feel one with. Sereno's eye-catching designs whether a sculptural planter or seating are conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to our mastery of new synthetic polymers and molding processes. Significantly, these high-quality weather-resistant designs enable a natural and almost seamless visual progression from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby considerably extending living environments. Sereno products are functional and aesthetic, innovative and practical with a clean design philosophy. Thus, get the designer pots and planters to decorate your surroundings today!

Choose the Right Planter for Your Garden

To add beauty to home with capturing outdoor space and porch with plants, garden pots and planters are one of the best concepts. A wide range of designer planters is available online. You need to consider few things such as cost, lifespan, and quality to sustain to get super stylish planters. There are variety of options with shapes, color, quality, and size of planters and also within good price-quality planters are available that have weather resistant and watering tray option. You can put the lovely touch to the garden with unique designs, handcrafted cement planters that are available in the market. If someone is looking for geometric design in planters they can go with geo planters that are perfect in shape and design.

Garden pots and planters are available in a wide range of flower planters and vegetable planters. It is very important to grow garden in the smooth and healthy way, so now the question arises how to get best garden planter.

  • Choosing the right planter- Study all condition and requirement of the plant which you are planning to grow. There are many plants that need the full exposure of sun, while few needs midday. It is important to check requirement of the plant while choosing planters. Few plants need regular watering, so tray comes with a planter that helps in stressing out lack of water to plant.
  • The mobility of planter- as per convenience mobility is required so instead of getting heavy planter, go with light weighted and strong designer planters. But if solid heavy planters are required then best option is to go with concrete planters.
  • Selection of material- To sustain with moisture and for maintaining the temperature of soil stone or concrete planters is the best option as it has good insulation.

Types of pots & planters

  1. Wood and metal planter- they are pretty in look and design but can be maintained with preservatives as wood shrinks and expands as it comes with the contact of moisture. On the other hand, for giving life to long plants metal is excellent.
  2. Fiberglass- it comes under synthetic option which is light, less expensive and frost resistant, where plastic planters are moisture conserving.

To get the best garden pots and planters or designer planters online in India https://www.sereno.co.in/ is a good option as it gives different planters as per the style and requirement of the customer. Shopping a good planter is not an easy task as it is challenging to get best at the best price. With the detailed description of size, shape, material, that are mentioned, makes picking up planter easily.

What are Benefits and Types of Decorative Planters?

Everybody in this world love plants. Each and every house has various number of plants growing this yard. People who wish to buy garden pots, always take into consideration the size, look and feel of the decorative planters. The best and wide looking planter gives the plant more room for growth. We always need to make sure that the planters in which the plant is going to stay has an adequate amount of drainage below for the air to cross in.

Once you start searching for planters, you will find yourself in dilemma of choosing them. All the planters are made up of different materials.

Below are the few types of decorative planters/pots:

Concrete planters
People buy concrete planters because they last for longer duration. Concrete planters are thick and heavy. The soil inside this type of planters has less fluctuation of temperature and thus remains steady.

Clay planters
These type of planters have thick walls and helps to prevent rapid fluctuation of soil. As the planter is made up of clay, this it is porous and allows air to pass through the walls. The soil gets dried out more quickly than the pots that are made up of plastic material. More frequent watering is required in clay planters.

Metal Pots
The metal pots are generally made using the cast iron and aluminum. Because they cannot break or crack, denting in a metal pot is not possible. Metal pots can store a lot of heat thus the plants kept outside in a metal pot can die quickly. If you prefer a metal pot to plant your favorite planters, it is better to use them indoors so that they do not heat up and spoil the plant.

Plastic Pots
The least expensive pots available in the market to plant the flowers and planters are the plastic pots. Because of their lightweight and durable nature, they can be used anywhere in the homes. You can use plastic pots in balconies, mini gardens, indoors, outdoors, etc. Also, if additional drainage is required by the pots, holes can be dug in the plastic pots, which is an additional feature of plastic pots. 

To conclude, we would like to shed some light on the Garden pots as well. They are best suited for your big and small gardens. So, decorate your home and surroundings with the garden pots and decorative planters and see the people appreciating the beauty of nature that the plants carry within them. 

Using designer flower pots to spruce up your garden

Flower pots are the common way of growing plants for your garden. Flower pots strategically placed can spruce your garden and make it look elegant. When you make use of designer flower pots, you are adding an extra classy touch to your home, making it look green and beautiful. There are a variety of designer pots in the market that you can buy. Let’s take a look at how you can select the best pots to suit your home.

Pots and planters
The two terms pots and planters are used interchangeably. Decorative planters are generally the same as decorative flower pots. There is a small technical difference though. Pots are generally smaller in size and are usually round in shape. Planters come in different shapes and designs. A pot generally has only one plant, while a planter can have more than one plant.

This is, of course, a technical difference. For all practical purposes, the terms designer pots and decorative planters are the same. You can make use of pots and planters of different types, materials, and dimensions for your garden. You can use them in the house or in the garden. Not only do they make your home look green, but also enhance its beauty.

While selecting designer flower pots, you can select pots of different sizes. The size of the pot would depend on the type of plant you are using. When you are buying pots or planters for your garden, make sure you get the ones of the right size, so your plants can grow perfectly in them. A too small pot can affect plant growth. If you are shifting a plant from one pot to another, use one that is at least 2 to 4 inch larger in size.

The material of the pot also plays a role in the proper growth and its appearance. Plastic pots are available in the market that looks attractive and can be cheap. You would do well to avoid plastic because it not porous. Select material that is porous like ceramic, terracotta, earthenware or even fiberglass. It is best suited for the plant and looks good too.

Go with the best
When you are looking for the best designer garden pots and planters, you can go with Sereno who are the best in this field thanks to the wide variety of designs they offer.

How to choose the best planter in India?

Wondering on how to get the best horticulturist in India? Or you’ve wanted to get a garden pot for yourself but in one way or the other, you find it difficult. Well, we are here to be of help to you. You’ve got no reason to worry anymore because, here in this article I’ll give you some tips on how to choose the best planter in India as well as introducing to you one of the best and trusted companies that deals in designer garden pots.

But before I let the cat out of the bag, I will like to let us know what I meant by the word horticulturist. Horticulturist is someone who deals in planting and as well as managing flowers. The work of a horticulturist is to plant, manage and as well design the flowers in shape.

Nowadays, there’s high demand in flowers for so many reasons such as; for beautifying our surroundings and anniversaries. But the beauty and growth of a flower lies on the type of container which is been planted in. take for instance, a flower having a fibrous root which is been planted in a small container. As time goes on, this flower is liable to have a stunted growth reason because, the growth of the flower is been restricted due to the container it’s been planted.

So, at this point I will recommend that we contact a horticulturist to do the planting and other necessary things as it’s their job and they know exactly what a plant deserves. For this, I will be giving some guides on how to choose the best planters in India.

  • Be sure of he/she certification: in other to choose a good and experienced horticulturist, you need to be sure that he/she is certified and approved.
  • Garden visitation: garden visitation is necessary so that we’ll be rest assured of the kind of person we are dealing with. However, we’d be able to know how experienced and ambition such person is with his/her work.
  • Professionalism: the level of professionalism of the person means a lot when we are on the lookout for horticulturist. Therefore, we need to take cognizance of this and to as well be very much careful so as not to employ the wrong person for the job.

In conclusion, for quality assurance of a job well done, contact Serena today. They are one of the most trusted and reliable garden planters and pot designers in India. I hope that by now, you are able to choose the best horticulturist around you with confident. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more write ups from us. Till then, stay blessed.

Give Your Home A Fresh New Look With Designer Garden Pots

Sparing a little space for a well-maintained garden in your happy place, i.e. your home is essential to give your home a fresh new look. Not to forget that gardening is also great for our mental health. Along with giving us a sense of responsibility, it also brings us close to Mother Nature. However, if you do not want to spend too much on buying various items to give your home and garden a makeover, worry not, because you can do the same by following a few DIY steps and getting home designer garden pots.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use pretty pots to decorate the various corners of your house.

  1.  The Kitchen: For home chefs who like to whiz up delicious delicacies, it would be a blessing to have a small little kitchen garden at their fingertips. And it is quite easy! Get a designer pot and fill it with compost and soil, and get going! Plant edible plants like mint, basil, and other herbs and your kitchen garden is good to go. You can also use other empty containers as planters.
  2.  Windows: Give the windows in your living room or bedroom a makeover by placing beautiful plants in equally chic designer pots. You can experiment with various plants depending on the amount of sunlight they require. Foliage, bonsai, snake plant, jade plant, aloe vera, ponytail palm, areca palm, etc. are some cool houseplants that you can keep by the window.   
  3. Balcony: If you thought you can only keep plants on the surface of your balcony, you need to think again. What if we told you that you could hang your plants too? They could look pretty against empty walls and could help you save some space too. Buy some designer garden pots that could be hanged and plant some cool plants to give your balcony a fresh new look. Flowering plants like Geranium, Petunia are great choices. You could also choose Lobelia, Sweet Alyssum, Lotus Vine, Portulaca, Million Bells, etc. for the hanging baskets.