Sereno offers a wide range of balcony planters ranging from low height rectangular design to narrow slim tall planters which can adorn the corners of the balconies. Distinctive low narrow tray planters brings unique style to your patio, deck, balcony or poolside. Our versatile planters are ideal for dramatic plantings of vegetables and herbs, and are ideal for adorning your balconies, decks or patios. Slim line planters like the Gioia or Chiara lit up at night create a spectacular effect highlighting even the smallest of balconies.


Bello series of planters offers a complete range of designs to adorn your balconies. There are various ways to break the monotony by placing different height square shapes with different height round shapes. Use a combination of different height clusters to highlight the corners. Low height planters do not obstruct the view and are ideal for balconies. All planters have a provision of drain plug at the bottom.


Such a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from. Our styles cater to both modern and contemporary designs and compliment the spaces. Sereno's signature design look of "made by hand" enhances the décor.


Sereno planters made from 100% recyclable polymer and are extremely durable. Sereno planters can withstand extreme temperatures from +70 Deg C to freezing temperatures as low as – 15 deg C. Rain has no effect on the material of construction. All planters are UV stabilized and made from non-fading colours.


Sereno balcony planters though made from engineered polymer look like stone planters and add glamour to your balconies. Different coloured grains in the texture along with our unique design of concentric rings add depth and appeal to the overall texture. All planters have a provision of a drainage hole with a cap at the bottom. Pot directly using lightweight soil or use nursery inner pots for seasonal plants.


Can we grow directly in these balcony planters?

Yes, you can use light weight soil, coco peat, potting mix to grow your plants directly.

Do balcony planters have drainage provision?

Yes, Sereno and Bello balcony planners have an in built drainage provision at the bottom.

Can we grow vegie’s in these planters?

Yes, absolutely. You can plant vegetables, herbs, seasonal flowers etc. Choose he planter as per the depth of the roots required for the plants you need to grow.

Will the colour fade in direct sunlight as my balcony does not have a shade and the planters will be exposed to direct sunlight?

No, Our planters are made from UV stabilized polymer and non-fading colours. Of course, there is a gradual weathering effect over time, but our planters will not lose their colour.

Do the planters come with a tray?

No, currently we do not offer trays for our planters. You can use our planters as an external pot and use standard internal pots inside to grow your plants too.

Where can we buy balcony planters?

You can buy them from our website directly or connect with our sales representatives to assist you. Please use the contact us from on our website for the same.

Do we need to drill drainage holes in the planters?

Planters come with predrilled drainage holes with a provision of a rubber cap. Remove the rubber cap if you are potting directly into the planter or close it if you are using standard inner pots.